Part 2: Lost Diamond


Jemine was my rival. Eventhough Nkem told me from the outset that he was just a ‘harmless friend’ who works close to her, I was still threatened by his ‘harmlessness’. Maybe it’s because I know he once asked Nkem out before I even came into the picture. Nkem might have turned him down but that doesn’t mean his feelings for her has been turned off. Another reason for my concern was also that they work in the same shopping complex. Inevitably, they must see everyday. I fear in time he might be able to woo her from me given the proximity they share at work. When I voice my worries to Nkem she would tell me to relax.

“You don’t have to worry about anything,” she said to me one Sunday afternoon. “Trust me I know who I want and that’s the one I said yes to.” She took my hand in hers affectionately, “let not your heart be troubled my love.” She caressed my lips with hers. “I love you.” She meant it. I could see it in her eyes. She’s very much in love with me as I am with her. “I love you too,” I confessed. “It’s just that I feel threatened by your friendship with Jemine, I just can’t help it.”

“Why do you feel threatened?” she asked.

“Erm… the thing is that I’m scared he might get to sway you someday and you’d leave me…”

Nkem hushed me.

“Don’t say such things, please don’t. I have already told you you’re the one I want, so you have nothing to fear or worry about, or don’t you trust me?”

“Of course I do but —“

“No buts. Change the topic please.”

I didn’t want to drag the issue any longer since she was already slightly irritated. I do trust Nkem, but it’s myself I don’t trust enough. Given my regular mood swings and obnoxious insecurities, I feared I might drift her into my rival’s waiting arms wide open like a trap awaiting its most prized catch patiently.


I gape into my phone’s screen to check for time. 2.15am. I’ve been awake all night, keeping wake like the vigilante guys who watch the streets at night. Not that I don’t want to sleep. I just can’t, try as I may. My emotions haunt me with memories of the past. The past which I so crave to forget for my sanity’s sake. But how can I forget when anytime I close my eyes I have nightmares. Nkem would appear smiling, bidding me to come get her but whenever I try to reach her she dissolves into empty space. More frightening is the thunderous guffaw that echoes in the background. It’s Jemine’s. I look around but see no one but a monstrous shadow pacing towards me. I take to my heels. Running. Until I jerk off from sleep, panting and sweating like an athlete who just sprinted a marathon. Tonight I wish I can sleep, I really wish I can. It’s as if I’m being ambushed; sleep is the Judas preying to betray me into the hands of my captors. Nightmares.  I shouldn’t have called it quits. I shouldn’t have sent that text. If only I knew it wouldn’t be like other times. If only I knew that would be the last straw.


Two days after our one year anniversary, I asked Nkem to come over to my place. It was in the evening and the coast was kind of clear of any possible distraction. The house was empty save my little sister who was sleeping in the room. After waiting for over a year, Nkem finally made up her mind to let me have her most priced asset. Her virginity. In the past she would only allow me touch and she me. She would stiffen up whenever I attempted to take our foreplay to the next level. “I’m not ready yet,” she would say when I ask what’s putting her off. We could smooch, cuddle and everything in between but that between. I could explore elsewhere except down there. It was sacred ground no one had ever trod. As a man with active libido I had to find some other way to let out steam especially on cold nights when the hormones get in control. My Blue Seal Vaseline always comes to the rescue. I would lie down on my bed, my lubricated palm firm on my erection, and imagine Nkem were on top of me piloting us to the moon and back.

So I waited, patiently, till she would be ready. Alas the day has come when we shall traverse the Promised Land flowing with milk and honey. The day I cease to be Moses who only could see The Promised Land without stepping foot on it.

I was more than prepared for the action that was about to go down. I bought a pack of Love Sensation which has about three condoms in the pack. Those would surely do. I checked the clock hanging on the wall in the sitting room. It was already past 4pm. Anytime soon my mom would be back from her outing. We had agreed on 2pm and I was very specific about timing. I was already furious. I dialed her number. She didn’t pick. I dial again. No response. Again and again. Still no response. I was livid. She knows how much I hated being stood up and yet it’s today of all days she has decided to get under my skin. At least she could of texted if there was any delay, no she wouldn’t. She’s just fond of getting on my nerves. And she sure has succeeded this time round. The last time I complained about things like this, she wouldn’t have it.

“You like picking on little things a lot and it’s getting annoying.”

“Little things you say?” I was flummoxed. “’To you they might be little things but to me these little things matters a lot.”

“Just accept it, you nag a lot.”

“How dare you say I nag a lot, how dare you?”

“The truth they say is bitter.”

“What truth are you talking about here, maybe you should take another look at the mirror.”

“What do you mean?”

“If I nag, then you’re the cause of it!”

“You like putting the blames on others, you never own up to your faults. Right now I don’t even feel like arguing with you. Goodnight.”

That said she walked out on me. I was taken aback. That she would walk out on me in the middle of an unfinished conversation. Or quarrel.

“Nkem come back here!” I barked.

She was headstrong. She didn’t come back.

When I got home that night I sent a caustic breakup text. In the text I remembered calling her ‘beautiful for nothing’. I was very sure that would get to her even if the breakup didn’t. Even after sending her the text she neither called nor texted back. That fuelled my anger the more. It means she wasn’t affected at all or probably she was only pretending not to be. Well maybe she’s good at pretending but not me. I was affected the most from the breakup I had instigated. Few days down I couldn’t hang on anymore. I went back to her, cap in hand. And she was there just as I had left her. Waiting for me to come to my senses and back to her.

Maybe it’s because she knows I couldn’t literally do without her that’s why she takes me for granted every now and then. Well I’m going to prove her wrong this time round. I’ll show her no one is indispensable, including her.

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Part 1: Lost Diamond




Ifunanya m,

A blessing from my Chi

The only palm kernel

In the hearth of my heart

So fair to look upon

Like a full moon in its prime

My gold, my Ona

The wealth of my youth

The virility of my manhood

You’re the precious flower

Planted by the side of the river

Whose petal is as the plumage of the peahen

The very one I beheld on my way from the farm

That captivated me with its charm

A calabash of palm wine

And tubers of harvested yams

Will I bring as an in-law

To your father’s sacred obi

I will tell him of the flower I saw

That of which I intend to pluck

And when I do so

I would never let it go

We shall blossom as one

Fruitfully bearing fruits

The love of my life

In you I found a wife

Asa nwa

I mara mma



  1. Asa nwa means ‘pretty child’
  2. I mara mma means ‘you’re very beautiful’

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Fire In My Loins


There’s a stirring on my inside

stoking the embers of desires

inflammed by the need for warmth

of our bodies bonded like Siamese twins

to be set ablaze on the petrol of ecstasy



crimson hot

brewing in my loins


I’m a volcano about to erupt

filled with steaming lava to the crater

awaiting the sway of your hips

to unleash torrents of orgasmic explosion

which will comsumate us to ashes

and like phoenixes we shall rise from the debris

our bodies to be cremated over again



I’m burning

in the flame of your bod


Thirsty for a sensual drink

from the pool that flows

through the confluence of your thighs

Allow me drink to the full

till we thirst no more



beads of sweats

to ornament our weary skin


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The Color of Love


What’s the color of love?
Is it white as snow,
so pure like the waters of Niagara falls
cooling parched earth?

Is love red,
like the blood pulsating in my heart?

What’s the color of love?

Maybe it’s blue,
just like the azure sky
where lovebirds flap fledgling wings

Or it could be green,
just as nature
sprouting on the loamy soil
of fertile souls

Love is brilliant
so it should be yellow
like the half of the golden sun

What’s the color of love?

I think it’s orange,
for love is appealing and quaint

It could be violet
like a bouquet of precious hibiscuses


Love is a rainbow
colorfully arched over the skies
of monochrome hearts
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Why Do Fools Fall In Love


Why do fools fall in love
Is a conundrum dated age long
Let the birds sing a song
Tell the town crier to ding his gong

Love is like the sun
Always on the run
Awakes in the east
Sleeps in the west

It goes to the simple
Brings them dimples
Makes them glow
And won’t go slow

Open thy hearts
Let love hatch
You need not be wise
Love is on the rise

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A Touch of Romance


Kiss me with your golden lips
Caress me subtly with your fingertips
Oh, your curvaceous hips
When it sways, my heart skips
The twin melons upon your chest
Firm and full like the moon at its crest
You’re a mermaid among maidens
A Diana in the making
I’m hypnotized in your sultry ambience
Obsequiously tuned to your amorous anthem
I long to be in your arms
Enchanted by your charms
To be cuddled in the tender warmness
Of our bodies bonded in oneness


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