Fellowship Time Out


I got to work today and I met my General Manager at the door to the Banquet Hall. She signaled me to go in, I thought she meant me to get something for her inside but I was fucking wrong. A fellowship was going on inside.

I had never joined them in their routine Wednesday fellowship and didn’t plan on joining them today not even the bossy GM is going to change that, so I resolved.

I was there for a while and when I felt no one was observing, I walked away. Few minutes later the GM was at my office.

“Clinton, what are you doing?”
“I’m updating something for someone mah.”
“Leave whatever you’re doing now, let Oluchi (my colleague) take care of it. And you have to go back to the Banquet hall now.”

In my mind I was like, the fuck is wrong with this woman.

So she doesn’t take my deviance for insubordination, I walked out of the office towards the exit to the Banquet Hall where prayers, and other religious activities I so don’t want to partake in, are taking place. I was headstrong on not going back, so I made a detour to the convenience. That’s killing two birds with a stone for me ’cause I was really pressed. I had to take a dump. A prolonged one that is.

I walked cockily back to the Cyber Cafe that doubles as my goddamn office minutes later. I thought that would be the end of it but my, I was fucking wrong. The GM was as obstinate, or even more, as me. She rang the intercom and said I should come over to her office. I knew, I just knew, why she asked me over.

Well, she’s the boss so I had to go. Albeit, reluctantly. Afterall she had already surcharged my yet to be paid February emolument. Neither her name nor her initials were in my goddamn good books. Our relationship was a perfunctory boss-employee kind. And that’s how it’s going to stay till I leave (very soon).

“Clinton so I asked you to go back to the fellowship and you refused right?”

There she goes again. I wasn’t in the mood for some questions and answers session.

I decided to play it cool.

“I was pressed mah, I had to use the convenience.” I answered.

“So you have resorted to lies right?”

I was livid. How dare she calls me a liar. My mind went ballistic.

“I’m not lying mah, I was really pressed.” I took to the defensive but something tugged within me not to anymore. Just bare it all to her. She asked for it anyway.

“But come to think of it mah, I don’t think attending it should be compulsory for one to attend the fellowship.”

“It’s compulsory!”

“What if I told you I were Muslim?”

“Then you would have to go and work in a Muslim firm.” She blurted out.

That was the most insensitive comment I had ever heard coming from a supposed GM who should be pro at people management. What a faux pas.

The fellowship is actually the brainchild of the CEO’s wife who doubles as the coordinator. The irony is, the CEO had never for once attended any of their meetings. So why should it then be binding on me? Or is it because I’m some insignificant employee, who has to kiss the ass of some menopausal boss so i don’t get laid off? Fuck that shit. I’m not buying any of it. If push comes to shove, I’m ready to walk away with my head held high for sticking it out for my principles without kissing anyone’s black ass.

“Mah, I have my own principles and besides forcing me to participate in such Christian meeting against my will is outrighly undermining my fundamental human rights.”

“I have made myself clear to you, it’s either you attend or you go look for work elsewhere.” She declared with the finality of a Judge banging the gavel to decide a case.

I walked out of her office even more determined than I had when I walked in.

She had better start typing my sack letter ’cause I sure has fuck won’t budge come next Wednesday.

Photo credit: Public Domain Vectors


3 thoughts on “Fellowship Time Out

  1. Violet

    Good for you! Despite deconverting from Christianity a couple of years ago, I was routinely forced to pray with my clients (Iโ€™m a nurse) if I wanted to keep my job. In my case I had to buckle and do it out of financial necessity, but oh, how I wish I had the freedom to say f-you to all of them. I applaud you!


  2. Yeah, come next Wednesday if you’ll still have the job.

    Now, here we go. I don’t know why organizations try to force down people’s throats their PR stunts with their networks. I had to stand my ground on such issue about representing my organization at a Christian meeting/function.

    My point is, people should be let to worship their way, in private. I am not religious, but every time we have a gathering I’m forced to stand witness to a cycle of prayers that have to be done both by a Muslim and Christian. That is forcing people who don’t believe or are non-religious to be religious, which is not the way it’s supposed to be. I have read the good book, and Jesus once said that what the right hand does the left shouldn’t know. Why tell everyone you pray!


  3. Trust me I’ve had my own episodes of having a ‘horrible boss’. Those ones who are into tribal discrimination and religious prejudice are the worst. I can feel Clinton’s frustrations. As usual you have left me mind blown with this story I can relate with. #wehdonesah ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘


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