Ifunanya m,

A blessing from my Chi

The only palm kernel

In the hearth of my heart

So fair to look upon

Like a full moon in its prime

My gold, my Ona

The wealth of my youth

The virility of my manhood

You’re the precious flower

Planted by the side of the river

Whose petal is as the plumage of the peahen

The very one I beheld on my way from the farm

That captivated me with its charm

A calabash of palm wine

And tubers of harvested yams

Will I bring as an in-law

To your father’s sacred obi

I will tell him of the flower I saw

That of which I intend to pluck

And when I do so

I would never let it go

We shall blossom as one

Fruitfully bearing fruits

The love of my life

In you I found a wife

Asa nwa

I mara mma



  1. Asa nwa means ‘pretty child’
  2. I mara mma means ‘you’re very beautiful’

Photo credit: Eze’Chukwuma Ifeoma


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