Fire In My Loins


There’s a stirring on my inside

stoking the embers of desires

inflammed by the need for warmth

of our bodies bonded like Siamese twins

to be set ablaze on the petrol of ecstasy



crimson hot

brewing in my loins


I’m a volcano about to erupt

filled with steaming lava to the crater

awaiting the sway of your hips

to unleash torrents of orgasmic explosion

which will comsumate us to ashes

and like phoenixes we shall rise from the debris

our bodies to be cremated over again



I’m burning

in the flame of your bod


Thirsty for a sensual drink

from the pool that flows

through the confluence of your thighs

Allow me drink to the full

till we thirst no more



beads of sweats

to ornament our weary skin


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