Candy Crush


(For Chidinma)

Today, I lie on my bed
reminiscing on yesterday 
when we were only teens in high school

I remember
the first time I saw you
I couldn’t stop staring
It was as if I’d seen a mermaid
I was enchanted
You were my enchantress

I remember your cornrows
so lovely, they fit you like the crown of a queen
Your chic smile
sent tremor down my spine

I remember your fair skin that shone
like the golden morning sun
Whenever you passed by
my heart fluttered pulses

If only you knew how you made me feel…

I never got to profess
my deep affectations to you 

Here I am thinking
of what could have been 
had I been a little bolder and less coy

If only I could reverse the wheel of time…

Years have gone by 
since we graduated from DSS
after that final goodbye 
on the day of our last paper

I relive these sweet memories
from yesterday’s confectionery 
when you were my candy crush


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