A Day In Eden


Let me be your Adam
While you be my Eve
The bone of my bones
My found missing ribs
Our ardor shall be clothing
Over our unclad bodies
We shall make love for breakfast
And have kisses for dessert
With knitted hands we shall roam
The perimeter of our new home
Giving pet names to animals
And botanical names to plants
The nightingale shall coo us a song
Roses would bloom as we saunter along
The sun would reflect our smile
By the Euphrates we would take a shower
Upon the sky we shall soar
Until we get to cloud nine
Our euphoria would never peak
Two love birds without wings
We shall play hide and seek
Pretending, I would search every nook and creek
Rest assured you are always in my heart
Till death do us part…
Even when our sun shall set
After the forbidden fruit we ate
My arm will still be on thy shoulder
As we leave for another shelter


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