The Word of Promise by Okezieorji Patra


I broke the word of promise,
After keeping it so close to my heart.
I wish to see beyond the world,
Yes! The zeal is here,
But lo! I’m weak.
Feels like I’m in chains:
Chains of materialism,
Chains of trends,
Chains of style and fashion…
Oh, I want to see the light,
The shinning light that heralds the word of promise.
Moulded from the dust of the earth,
Flesh so fragile like earthen clay.
I must break free, off these chains
So I can find that which I seek,
The word of promise.
I do not pray to lose a diamond
While picking stones,
I need the light which keeping the word of promise brings.
It has dawned on me that I am in bondage
Of the three letter words called “SIN”,
And I have come to acknowledge that a sinful life
Is like a broken down house where I shall find
No safety, no solace, no comfort; nor peace, joy, happiness, or rest.
The word of promise will make me anew,
And I shall rejoice.
Yes! I should revolt and conquer now,
Behold! I shall get a new name as Abraham did;
From Abram to Abraham and he got the word of promise,
For he was willing to sacrifice his only son.
I shall do away with the garment of flesh,
Which is vanity after all.
Like a new born I’ll get a new name,
My eyes shall behold the Light,
And my heart will keep the word of promise
Which brings salvation.



Okezieorji Patra Adaeze

Okezieorji Adaeze Patra hails from Anambra State in South-Eastern Nigeria. She loves reading and often writes, especially poetry, in her spare time. She’s presently a final year student in the department of English and Literary Studies at Anambra State University, Igbariam.


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