Through the Tunnel


Bubbles of blisters caress my feet
Dusty, sun-baked on hapless debris
Enroute El Dorado’s highway
Gridlocks glued me to a halt
Like a paint stuck on a wall
Keep on moving, the mind whispered
How can I advance in a fix…
Can a wingless eagle soar?

Don’t throw in the towel
Have faith! The tithe collector said

Easier said than done
Hope hung on a rope
I’m alone in the jungle
A wanderer like a Cain without Abel
Seeking furtile redemption
From the Almighty’s curse

Sickle in hand but-
no grain to harvest
The land is green without pastures
Many a famished herds strayed
To graze from the savanna
On the other side of the farm

Broken spirits terrace the pavement
Mirthless in the face of nothingness
For a better tomorrow in the offing
That may never see the break of dawn

I’m one of the myriad few
Battered daily by the even odds
Ground into smithereens
of molecular fragmentation

Upon this barren sky
Shielded by the foggy clouds
Not even a brass lining lingers
Awaiting the inevitable end
Where the light is said to domicile


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