Cupid’s Curse


I thought it was Eve calling
Nay, these trees don’t speak
In my head it must be
Symptoms of schizophrenia

This is Eden… my he-den!
Idling o’er familiar paths
Bare feet caressing lonely soil
Twin birds chirping above
Beak to beak, under the umbrella of a palm tree
Plumages knitted into a pillowy nest
United in a dovetailed union
A fate to wish for in faith

Blessed is the celestial sky
The sun to brighten his day
And come night, upon his grey hairs
Will the moon glow in a halo

Wingless butterfly
Stuck like a fly in butter
Oiled, yet dry
Fattening in thinness

The search for colorful petals is far-fetched
In this garden of flowery bones
Hedged by hollow chambers
Carved in auricles and ventricles
Asphyxiating pulmonary pulsations

Trailed thither to the tunnel’s tail
Not a speck of shine smiled on me
Edging towards the precipice –
The fountain of my waterloo
I must drink and increase in thirst
Like a desert yearning for an oasis
Never to sip from the Benue basin

P.S: River Benue (alongside River Niger) is one of the major river in Nigeria, West Africa.


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