Hello (a response to Adele)


Hello, I know it’s you
It’s been like ages since you left
Without saying goodbye
Countless nights I laid alone
On the same bed we used to share
Dewy eyed, lost in the cloud of thoughts
Wondering what it could have been
That made you so cold
Like frost on our once burning flame

What we had was priceless
A bond akin to diamond
In your eyes I found a new world
A clime of light bereft in mine
Your touch, like the Messiah’s
Brought healing to my soul
You were my angel
Until you flapped your wings
And flew away into oblivion

I thought I wouldn’t survive your absence
But I did, painfully so
The hurt of your departure
Remains embossed on my heart
As an indellible scar
A reminder of what could have been

I might never be able to get over you
But I have moved on, just like you did
I may still wet my pillow at night
Reminiscing over moments past
Still, in the morning I wakeup to smell the coffee
Hopeful that someday, I’d find someone like you

You don’t have to be sorry
Of what good is being sorry
Over deeds that can’t be undone
It’s one of the mysteries of life
For one’s heartthrob to leave the other heartbroken

Maybe someday, we’d see again
When the chasm between us is bridged
By the cementing hands of time
When we both might have found happiness
Wherever we may be, outside
I know time is fast running on us
The best we can do, is to sprint along


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